Emanuel Hayden

is a youth advocate, and homesteader in North Carolina. Emanuel has always had an immense love for soil as evidenced by his soil science studies and 6 years of homesteading. He enjoys teaching, being outdoors, and living a minimalist life. He is passionate about getting people back to real food and living a healthy life without stringent rules. Emanuel is thorough in his teaching style and is very hands on with his practice. Every person’s path to healthy living is unique, and he believes a tailored approach to helping someone live a healthy life is the best approach.



Homestead Asili

Asili is a Swahili word that means “nature,” “origin,” and “ancestor.” The homestead is our foundation of living: it is our way back to nature, a point of reference, and our source of wisdom. It’s the way we provide for ourselves and others. It’s our security and personal utopia. It’s our innermost desires actualized in practice. It’s the world we all live in reimagined and simplified. We’ve kept only the best parts. We’ve borrowed practices from a number of different healthier, freer, and greener ways to live such as minimalism, intermittent fasting, permaculture, and collective savings